Enerkem launches world's first, game-changing full-scale waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility in Edmonton, Alberta

The Future of Biofuels A World View (August, 2013)

An overview of the current biofuel policy from Europe and other jurisdictions around the world and some of the advancements being made in biofuel research. report is based upon attendance at the World Biofuel Congress held in Rotterdam in March 2013.

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As a result of regulated renewable fuel requirements the fuel commonly available in retail pumps will typically contain up to 5% renewable content (or up to B5) in diesel and up to 10% ethanol (up to E10) in gasoline. Blends above B5 or E10 will be labeled as such, allowing the consumer to choose the appropriate fuel for their equipment. Higher blends (B20 to B80 or higher, and E85) may be available for informed consumers, including underground mining operations, agricultural users, transport companies or other operations with special needs.

Please see the following links for supplier information, some of which can provide higher blends:


British Columbia Biodiesel Association (BCBA)

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA)

                                              Green Fuels Plant locations

National Biodiesel Board (NBB) - United States

Conseil quebecois du biodiesel

RFA: Renewable Fuels Association

Western Canada Biodiesel



Canadian Fuels Association

Environment Canada Renewable Fuels Regulation

Trucks & Engine Manufacturers' Association

Natural Resources Canada National Renewable Diesel Demonstration Initiative


Canada Renewable Fuels Association

Environment Canada renewable fuels regulations

Canada Gazette: Renewable Fuel Regulations

US Department of Energy Advanced Fuels Data Centre

US National Renewable Energy Laboratory

US Renewable Fuel Association

Provincial information:

British Columbia: Renewable & Low Carbon Fuel Requirements Regulation

Government of Alberta: Renewable Fuel Standards

Manitoba: Energy Division

Ontario: Ministry of the Environment

Industry information:

Canadian Fuels Association

Husky Energy: Ethanol



Imperial Oil



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