Use this Carbon Reduction Calculator to estimate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reductions from using biodiesel.
Enter the total litres of diesel used:
Enter a Biodiesel blend (eg. 20% = B20):
Enter a Price per Tonne for CO2 credits (eg.$10):
Click Calculate to estimate GHG reductions:


GHG Emissions with Diesel:
  tonnes CO2e
GHG Emissions with Biodiesel blend:
  tonnes CO2e
GHG Emissions Reduction:
  tonnes CO2e
Equal to annual exhaust CO2 from:
  Turbo Diesel SUVs
Total Value of CO2 Credits:

Note: Emissions are lifecycle CO2 equivalent using Canola as the feedstock for biodiesel.
Disclaimer: Calculator results are estimates, using assumptions from Natural Resources Canada’s GHGenius model and EnerGuide.

Use our Detailed Calculator to estimate both GHG and other tailpipe emission reductions from using biodiesel.

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