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Friday, 23 July 2010

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The BioFleet Educational Video Series includes interviews with fleet managers who have used biodiesel and leading industry experts. They provide practical advice for fleet managers and others with an interest in using this fuel.
BioFleet Educational Video Series (Updated 2007):
  1. Diesel Fuel and Biodiesel 
  2. Biodiesel 101
  3. Biodiesel Production
  4. Fuel Quality Specifications
  5. Blending and Supply
  6. Handling and Storage
  7. Cold Weather
  8. Warranties
  9. Emissions Reductions
  10.  Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and Biodiesel
  11.  Biodiesel Economics
  12.  Marine and Other Applications
  13.  Supporters

Note: These files are large and may take a few minutes to download on a broadband connection.

These videos are also available in full quality on DVD. If you are interested purchasing copies of the DVD please contact Jim Vanderwal with the Fraser Basin Council (604) 488-5359.

Other Biodiesel Videos:
  1. John Deere's Biodiesel Video (opens John Deere page on biodiesel with video link in new window)
  2. Biodiesel At Corporation of Delta
  3. Knowledge Network "Fuel for Thought" Video
  4. Solazyme Unveils Renewable Biodiesel Derived from Algae (Opens YouTube page)
Biodiesel Videos on Other Sites:
  1. Biodiesel for Beginners with Jack Lee, CEO of 4Refuel
  2. A-Channel Report on Duncan's Switch to Biodiesel
  3. Lakeland Oil (Kelowna BC) Corporate Video

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