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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

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Biodiesel Demonstrations in Canada

While biodiesel is a relatively new fuel, many organizations in British Columbia and Canada have demonstrated the fuel with positive results. These biodiesel demonstrations have covered a broad cross section of fleets in Canada including:

Montreal - BIOBUS Project

In March 2002, the Société de Transport de Montréal, Montreal's public transit provider launched the the BIOBUS Project, a one year demonstration of biodiesel. Over the duration of the BIOBUS project, 155 buses used some 550,000 litres of biodiesel in 5% (B5) and 20% (B20) blends with petrodiesel. View BIOBUS Final Report (pdf)

The report contains information on supply and storage of biodiesel, emission measurements, as well as operation and maintenance issues with a focus on cold weather performance of the buses.

Saskatoon - BioBus project
Starting in 2002, two Saskatoon Transit Services buses will use a 5% blend of canola biodiesel while two other “control” buses will run with conventional fuel. Midway through the project, the buses will be switched. Throughout the test period, each bus will be monitored, measured, and evaluated for characteristics such as emissions, fuel economy, and engine wear.

Visit Saskatoon BioBus Project.


6 BC Municipalities
in 2004 the municipalities of Burnaby, Delta, North Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver and Whistler decided to conduct a pilot test of Biodiesel as a strategy to reduce vehicle emissions. The pilot project was designed as a controlled study to have each municipality in the group operate two base vehicles running on conventional diesel simultaneously with two similar units running on Biodiesel.

The fleet managers documented Fuel Storage, Fuel Dispensing, Operational and Emission results in this case study (.pdf)

View presentation by Ken Fryer, former fleet manager of the City of Richmond.

View Biodiesel At Corporation of Delta video with Curtis Rhodes.


Vancouver Island Biodiesel Evaluations Study (VIBES)
As a means of introducing biodiesel to the local fleet market and increasing the general public awareness of clean, safe and renewable fuel alternatives, WISE Energy developed the VIBES project.

Eight regional fleets, representing the public and private sector participated in the study.

View Final Report

City of Brampton
In April 2002, the City of Brampton, Ontario began their demosntration of B20 biodiesel in 16 fleet vehicles. The results were very positive and they switched the entire fleet to B20. In the summer the fleet operated on a B50 blend. View a presentation by Ken Dack

Utility Fleets

Toronto Hydro
In September 2001,Toronto Hydro became the first fleet in Canada to test biodiesel. The pilot project used biodiesel in about 100 fleet vehicles.

The pilot project tested the fuel under all climatic conditions in a variety of diesel-powered fleet vehicles. While Toronto Hydro initially intended to run the pilot program for a full year, when they encountered no problems with the fuel they decided to move to full scale use of biodiesel.




The BioMer Project was the first biodiesel demonstration project for Canada's marine industry. Twelve cruisers fuelled on pure biodiesel travelled the waters of the St. Lawrence River and Lachine Canal from June to October 2004. Eleven operated on pure biodiesel (B100) and one on a 5% blend (B5). By using biodiesel, the boats cut their CO2 emissions by some 593 tons, the quantity produced by 119 vehicles each driven 20,000 kilometres for one year.

View the BioMer Final Report. The 4 objectives of the project were to determine fuel characteristics, measure emissions, measure engine performance, measure biodegradability and toxicity.


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