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Friday, 23 July 2010

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Also see the reports associated with specific Demonstrations and Case Studies
British Columbia
  1. Biodiesel in British Columbia - Feasibility Study Report (pdf)
  2. An Information Guide on Pursuing Biomass Energy Opportunities and Technologies in British Columbia (pdf)
  1. Biodiesel: Made in Manitoba 2005 (pdf)
  2. Border Chemical March 2008 - B5 Long Haul (pdf)
  1. Assessment of the Biodiesel Distribution Infrastructure in Canada (pdf)
  2. Economic Analysis of Biodiesel in Underground Mines (pdf)
  3. A Critical Cost Benefit of Oilseed Biodiesel in Canada (pdf)
  4. Analyzing the Biofuels Market in Canada (info page - report for sale)
  1. John Deere Biofuels White Paper 2007 (pdf)
  2. NREL Biodiesel Transit Bus Study 2006 (pdf)
  3. Biodiesel Cold Weather Blending Study (pdf)
  4. NREL Biodiesel Production Technology Report 2004 (pdf)
  5. US Dept of Labour Report on Biodiesel Use in Underground Mine in Kentucky 2003 (pdf)
  6. NBB Biodiesel in Underground Mines 1997 (pdf)
  7. NBB Biodiesel for Underground Mines 1995 (pdf)
  8. NBB Study Marine Market Report 1995 (pdf)
  9. School Buses in Kentucky (pdf)
  10.  SAE International 2007 Fuels and Emissions Conference: Biodiesels (link to list of papers for sale)
  11.  NREL Study - B20 is NOx Neutral
  12. Biodiesel 2020: A Global Market Survey, 2nd Edition (summary and order form)
  13. The Royal Society Jan 08 - Sustainable Biofuels: Prospects and Challenges (pdf)
  14. Biodiesel Industry in BRIC Markets (for sale)
  15. NREL - Handbook for Handling, Storing, and Dispensing E85 (pdf)

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